Metro Park and Old Gamboa Road

23 June 2012 – Metro Park and Old Gamboa Rd

The MetroPark held a lot of good birds, even if not as idyllic as locations like Pipeline Rd and Plantation Rd, due to its metropolitan setting. Still, though, we had a good bevy of new birds and an impressive total, including Golden-collared Manakin, a terrific mixed species flock with numerous Red-throated Ant-tanagers and numerous Red-crowned Ant-tanagers allowing comparison, Greenish Elaenia, Lance-tailed Manakin, Rosy Thrush-Tanager, Golden-fronted Greenlet and Forest Elaenia.

Spectacled Owl

Spectacled Owl

Heading down from the Tower en route to Old Gamboa Rd, we had a great sighting of Great Tinamou with two chicks just a few meters into the forest. The afternoon was excellent and quite active again, with amazing looks and photo opportunities of Capped Heron, more looks at another hidden Boat-billed Heron, one of only two sightings in a month of Yellow-billed Cacique, and a definite highlight in the form of a roosting Spectacled Owl. We found the setting peaceful and enjoyable. Old Gamboa Road was one of our favorite destinations in the Canal area.

Returning to the tower, we got there just in time to have good looks in the fading light of Bat Falcon hunting from a perch just a couple of meters from the observation deck.

For a complete list of species seen, see our eBird report for Old Gamboa Road and the Metro Park


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