Cerro Azul

24 June 2012 – Cerro Azul

Ultimately this would be one of the best days of the trip and despite a light rain at the start we saw several of our best and rarest birds of the entire month here. We started things off with a bang in the form of a Fasciated Tiger-Heron, a bird Alex hadn’t seen in 3 years! The Cerro Jefe trail started a bit slow but we were still happy to see Long-billed Gnatwren, Violet-capped Hummingbird, Stripe-throated Hermit and Little Tinamou. Moving to Birder’s View Lodge, we had lunch amid a whirlwind of hummingbirds and had a couple of invaluable hours studying and learning not just males but females as well of at least 15 hummingbird species, with the highlights being a Green-crowned Brilliant and terrific looks at a gorgeous male Rufous-crested Coquette.

Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker

Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker

Things got even better from there with a mixed species flock that included Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker, Scarlet-thighed Dacnis, Speckled Tanager, Emerald Tanager and White-ruffed Manakin. Add in the terrific Yellow-eared Toucanet and it was an amazing day. We even had three flyovers of Blue-fronted Parrotlet but none that provided good enough views to satisfy.

Speckled Tanager

Speckled Tanager

Rufous-creasted Coquette

Rufous-creasted Coquette

For a complete list of species seen, see our eBird report for Cerro Azul.


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