Rio Indio and Jordanal

2 July 2012  – Rio Indio and Jordanal

With a gorgeous remote mountain setting, numerous really good mixed flocks, and another day of birding in a whole new habitat on the Caribbean slope, this was another terrific outing. Danilo graciously agreed to a very early start to spend some time looking for the Sunbittern near the waterfall. 30-40 minutes of prowling the dark trails along the stream paid off and we had really nice looks at a Sunbittern just around dawn for few minutes before it disappeared down the stream and we piled back in the truck for the drive to Rio Indio. Rio Indio is just a brief stop on the way down the slope, but it really paid off with Pacific Antwren, Great Antshrike and Rufous-breasted Hermit.

Barred Puffbird

Barred Puffbird

A bit further down we stopped for some activity and were lucky to have two Barred Puffbirds and the noisy flock of mobbers they attracted. Our first Crested Oropendolas were about (they would be quite scarce until the Darién). We had our first Cinnamon Becard (also scarce until the Darién) followed by our only Short-billed Pigeon, Sulfur-rumped Tanagers and Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner of the trip. We started back a touch early to ensure a pre-rain return for the stream crossings, which left time to chase and finally find Wedge-tailed Grass-finch as we drove back through La Mesa. A surprise Black Guan on the drive out capped a terrific last day at the Lodge!

For a complete list of species seen, see our eBird report for Rio Indio and Jordanal


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