From Finca Lerida to Cerro Punta

6 July 2012 – From Finca Lerida to Cerro Punta

Our ritual morning stroll through the Finca Lerida gardens gave us the same wealth of hummingbird species as well as our only Elegant Euphonias of our trip. After breakfast we hit the road and made it down and back up to the Volcán road by mid morning. We stopped first at Rio Mache de Monte, near the town of Cuesta de Piedra. This proved fruitful as we found Riverside Wren and Spot-crowned Euphonia, and we briefly both saw a small vivid green bird that must have been a Golden-browed Chlorophonia but it eluded better looks. Our next stop was at Volcán Lakes, where we parked at the airstrip and hiked the road in. We saw quite a good diversity on the hike in, including Yellow-bellied Seedeater, Blue-diademed Motmot (freshly split from Whooping), and after a prolonged hunt I finally saw the Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush I missed earlier. The skies opened before we got to the lakes and we ate lunch beneath the Volcán Lakes sign while it poured. The lakes were a little quiet but Kathi pulled one out of the hat and found us a pair of Fiery-billed Araçari! 

Yellow-bellied Seedeater

Yellow-bellied Seedeater

For a complete list of species seen, see our eBird reports for Rio Mache de Monte, Lagunas de Volcán


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