El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo

17 July 2012  – El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo

In the morning we briefly returned to the El Salto as I had missed the Bare-crowned Antbird and it paid off as we saw it again handily. We added Crane Hawk and King Vulture before leaving El Salto. El Salto is a really nice spot. We tried again for the Golden-green Woodpecker at Fundacion Tierra Nueva, taking a bit longer and doing some more hiking, but didn’t find it again. Nonetheless this is another nice spot and we saw Orange-crowned Oriole, Black Hawk-eagle, Short-tailed Hawk, Cinnamon and White-winged Becards and Olivaceous Piculet again. After lunch we headed a good ways out into cattle ranching land to a wetland area called Aruza Abajo. It’s a bit of work to get there but it’s a great spot. On the way out there we had a Capped Heron in a pond beside the road, and at Aruza Abajo we found Cocoi Heron, Limpkin, Rufescent Tiger Heron, Purple Gallinule, Pied Water-Tyrant, Striated Heron, Black-capped Donacobious, Spot-breasted Woodpecker, Pied-billed Grebe, and Amazon Kingfisher.

On the way out we stopped in a couple of spots and found White-eared Conebill, Lineated, Red-rumped and Black-cheeked Woodpeckers, Gray Hawk, Green-crowned Woodnymph and Golden-collared Manakin.

Rufescent Tiger-heron

Rufescent Tiger-heron

For a complete list of species seen, see our eBird report for El Salto, Fundacion Tierra NuevaAruza Abajo, and around Aruza Abajo.


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