Panamá Recap 2012

Panamá 2012 Birding Trip, 19 June –  18 July 2012 in Soberanía, El Valle, Chiriquí, Darién

This trip was spectacular. We birded seriously about 24 of the 30 days and had a couple of days relaxing at the beach and a couple of travel days. We had very little rain and had no days that were truly spoiled by weather. All told, we saw 446 species during the boreal summer when there were no wintering birds about. Amazing!

Capped Heron

Capped Heron

We spent the first two weeks at the CanopyTower and Canopy Lodge, then a week in the highlands of Chiriquí, then two days on Boca Brava just taking in the mangroves and relaxing. Our last leg of the trip was in the Darién, in Punta Patiño and Mogue with Ancon on their “Realm of the Harpy Eagle” trip. For our last couple of days we had fortuitously made arrangements with Raúl Arias de Para, founder / owner of the Canopy Tower and Lodge, to spend a couple of days with Nando, his guide who is managing the construction of the new Canopy Camp Darién. That ended up working out brilliantly (thank you, Raúl and Nando) and as a result we had a wonderful last 2 ½ days of our trip birding several areas between and around Metetí and Yaviza, including a preview of the coming Canopy Camp Darién with Nando.

Directions to nearly all of the places we birded can be found in the Bird Finding Guide to Panama.


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