A quick trip to Wisconsin and packing up our belongings!

We just returned from a quick trip to Wisconsin to visit Kathi’s family and are now packing everything into storage and saying our goodbyes in the bay area. While in Wisconsin we of course managed a bit of birding. We birded at Horicon Marsh, Buena Vista Grasslands, White River Marsh, High Cliff State Park and Waukau Creek Preserve as well as a few smaller areas. The highlight was undoubtedly a great fallout coinciding with a lake fly hatch at High Cliff State Park where we marveled at thousands of warblers and vireos, frequently getting 5-6 species in one binocular view. The wind map below shows what it looks like when warm weather from the south meets a cold front from the north. Migrating birds will stop their northward journey and seek shelter when they encounter the colder air. When fallout occurs, anywhere suitable habitat is found can yield spectacular birding.


Converging fronts in the midwest in mid May caused migrants to set down and look for shelter, leaving parks littered with warblers, vireos and more.

You can check out a great real-time wind map of the US here: http://hint.fm/wind/index.html

Here are some of the eastern birds we saw:


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