Trip preparation part 1

Over the last week, we have been very busy preparing the truck for the trip.  The biggest challenge was attaching the expanded metal on the windows of the truck topper to try to reduce the risk of theft.  Josh spent hours cutting and bending the metal to get it to fit just right.  We also started building our sleeping platform.

After a few grueling days of truck work we headed to Tucson, Arizona for a quick break and to visit friends before heading out on our Journey.   We had a fantastic time visiting with old friends and soaking up a little desert sun.

When we came back to San Diego, we had a package from Zeiss waiting for us.   Our new optics are amazing! Thank you again to Zeiss for providing us with optics for our expedition!  We were so excited that we ran out the next morning to give them a try.


1 Comment on Trip preparation part 1

  1. Gale Borgmann // June 14, 2013 at 2:36 pm //

    they look amazing -hope you will be able to give them a good workout -so have you found any new birds with them -maybe sunday

    looks like you two are working hard on the truck -everything but bullet proof???

    hope the weather is nice for your boat trip

    I know this seems like a loafing trip but am sure you two will be working just as hard -bet you will be extremely tired at the end of the day

    will chat later



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