Leaving on Saturday!

We have managed to stay busier than we thought possible preparing for the trip! Today we finished the last important bits of the truck, getting the electrical system finished and getting some welding done so we can now padlock the hood closed. We also made numerous photocopies of all important documents and have all of our border crossings sorted out (or so we think!). We even managed to sneak away for a quick overnight camp trip to the Laguna Mtns here in San Diego with my mom which was wonderful if brief. It also let us test everything out. No major problems and just a few little things we figured out!

Tomorrow we’ll load the truck up then make homemade pasta and a big salad and dessert and enjoy a long evening of family and wine before setting out Saturday morning.

Here is a list of all that we have done to the truck to prepare it, both for security and reliability:

  • Removed rear seats to make extra space
  • Second battery system installed
  • 12V Dometic refrigerator installed
  • Lockbox bolted into the truck, locks with 3 locks
  • Ignition and fuel pump kill switches installed and well hidden
  • Hood lock installed
  • Spare tire locked to truck
  • Camper shell windows secured with expanded metal grating
  • Camper shell locks to tailgate with two padlocks
  • Sleeping platform in the shell
  • Plastic bins which fit exactly, staying tight and maximizing space
  • Custom mattress from the wonderful (and affordable) Mattress Makers in San Diego
  • Curtains in the shell both for privacy and security
  • Full service done ourselves (belts, shocks, fluids, tune up, etc) – good to get handy!
  • Mosquito net for the rear of the truck so we can sleep with the back open

Hopefully there will be time to get some photos tomorrow and get them online before we head out!


1 Comment on Leaving on Saturday!

  1. Irene Svensson // June 21, 2013 at 7:16 am //

    Say hello to your mom and have a nice trip! I’m following you here in Stockholm and in July in Berlin. Don’t drink too much of the tasty Californian wine!


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