Bahía de los Angeles

We arrived in Bahía de los Angeles at noon.  I was excited to see Bahía de los Angeles again.  I have very fond memories of this place from a school trip I took during my graduate work in 2006.  Bahía de los Angeles is pretty much the same as it was before, a sleepy little coastal town.  There has been a little construction with the addition of a divided road running through town, but it is still as languid as ever.

Our first stop was lunch at a local restaurant, with more food that either of us could eat.  After lunch we headed out to find a place to stay.  The last time I was here we stayed at Campo Archelon, so we headed there to check it out. It is just as I remember it, a perfect little peaceful place with palapas right on the beach.  The owner of camp Archelon ran a turtle nursery and education center at the camp, but unfortunately the turtle nursery is no more.

After a bit of relaxing on the beach, we headed back into town to inquire about going out to Isla Raza.  Isla Raza is a small island in the Gulfo de California that is home to a large number of breeding Elegant Terns and Heermann’s Gulls.  Unfortunately we arrived a bit late as the breeding season had ended and the biologists are no longer making trips to the island.  Thus, we were unable to arrange a boat trip out to Isla Raza.  Luckily we did manage to track down another boat operator and we were able to go out to some of the closer islands and out into the Canal de las Ballenas (Channel of the Whales) to look for birds, whales, or just have a nice morning.

We slept out on cots on the beach and had some of the most restful sleep in a long time.  We rose early the next morning to head out with Angel (son of Marcos at Marcos’ Sportfishing, adjacent to Campo Archelon). The highlight of the boat trip was seeing approximately 100 Least Storm-petrels winging about the ocean with a bonus Black Storm-petrel in the mix.  They are the  smallest storm-petrel, not much larger than a swallow, and fly like graceful little bats just a few inches above the water.  We also saw 32 Eared Grebes which surprised us because it seemed a little early for Eared Grebes in Baja.  Other surprises included one Common Loon.  The bay was super calm in the morning, making for a very pleasant boat ride.

A short walk down the beach from our palapa also produced 3 Wilson’s Plover, which we were very excited to see.

We mulled staying another day, Bahía de Los Angeles and Campo Archelon are extremely tranquil and relaxing, but the urge to head further south in search of new adventures led us to head on. But we will be back to Bahía de los Angeles in the future!


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