Migrating north for a short while

We have been on the road for over 13 months birding nearly every day from Mexico to Panama. Our trusty truck has taken us to many beautiful places but living out of a Toyota Tacoma can be challenging at times, especially when it’s raining or when the bugs just don’t stop. So today we sold our home for the last year and tomorrow we are flying back to the states to visit family and friends and prepare for the second part of our expedition in South America. We will be outfitting a 4×4 van to take us around South America and hope to be back on the road in style in a few months. Stay tuned for more stories, photos, and videos from our birding adventures in Central America as we will be catching up on blog posts, photos, and more while at home. Enjoy some of our favorite birds and birding memories.


1 Comment on Migrating north for a short while

  1. gborgmann // August 4, 2014 at 11:04 pm //

    those are amazing-they are so vibriant in color


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