Excuse the broken links and emails for our followers, we are working on updating our blog and adding a few new cool features while we wait for the birdmobile to get fixed in Valledupar, Colombia. No worries, though, we just need a new component for the steering and we will be back on our way soon. And on our way we will be because we are headed to the Serrenía de Perija to help Rainforest Trust and ProAves document bird species in the reserve. We could not be more excited.

I am working on putting together maps for each country that show where we birded with links to our eBird lists as well as our blog posts. Click on over to the birding sites tab and scroll down through each country and you will see a new tab with a birding map. Clicking on the country will bring you stories from the field while clicking over to the map will bring you to a map of all of our birding destinations. Check back for more updates. We hope you find these maps useful.

Happy Birding


3 Comments on Updates

  1. gborgmann // April 23, 2015 at 11:53 am //

    that is so cool. you have been very busy putting all of this together. way to go.


  2. The maps are really great! Is this something anyone can do? I would love to make these for my personal birding trips. Happy Birding!


  3. Kathi Borgmann // April 23, 2015 at 4:41 pm //

    Thanks Peggy! I made the maps with google maps and imported excel files that included latitude and longitude data that I downloaded from eBird. If you download your data from eBird you can get the location information as well as the checklist number which can then be used to link directly to eBird from the map.


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