4×4 Upgrades

Our van was converted by Quigley back in 1996 and the shocks and some bushings were in rough shape. It was due for some work and a moderate suspension upgrade. The folks at Agile Off-Road actually specialize in upgrading old Quigley 4×4 vehicles. They replaced the shocks with better ones that they get custom from Fox Shocks for these loaded down vans, as well as upgrading the steering stabilizer shock at the same time. More importantly, we got better progressive rate springs in the front that gave us far more travel in the front suspension – this should really help on rough roads and when we hit hidden speed bumps at unfortunate speeds. We also had a leaf added in the rear and had the base leaf re-arched down which help carry the fuel and water load without compressing the suspension, making the back ride a lot smoother. They did a great job and we can already feel the improvement. A huge side benefit of the new shocks and progressive front springs is that body roll is controlled far better than before, making the van much more stable and safer. The folks at Agile are super helpful and extremely nice, they also let us use their large break to bend some heavy aluminum sheet for the propane box we built.


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