RNA Titi Cabeciblanco, Cottontop Tamarin Reserve

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14-22 July 2015. We have had the great fortune to volunteer for ProAves at a couple of their newest reserves, conducting bird surveys and searching for rare and key species. First we spent eight fantastic days in the Perijá Mountains, in the amazing new Reserva Chamicero del Perijá (Perija Thistletail Reserve). Most recently we spent a bit over [...]

Chestnut-capped Piha Reserve and La Romera


June 7, 10-12, 2015. We have made a handful of fantastic friends in Colombia. During our time in Bogotá, we were fortunate to cross paths with Trevor Ellory, an expat Brit who has been living, guiding and birding in Colombia for years. Most recently, during a few relaxing days in Medellín we finally met up with the very awesome Diego Calderón [...]

Mitú and the Amazon


June 13-23, 2015. We’ve been travelling and birding from Mexico to Colombia now for about 17 months, seeing amazing places and huge numbers of cool birds. We thoroughly birded endemic rich areas such as West Mexico, Oaxaca, the Yucatan, the Chiapas/Guatemala highlands, the Costa Rica/Panamá highlands, Santa Marta and the Perijá, and have [...]