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Excuse the broken links and emails for our followers, we are working on updating our blog and adding a few new cool features while we wait for the birdmobile to get fixed in Valledupar, Colombia. No worries, though, we just need a new component for the steering and we will be back on our way soon. And on our way we will be because we are headed to [...]

Shipping a vehicle from Houston, Texas to Cartagena, Colombia


We shipped our beloved birdmobile in a 40 ft high cube (shipping container) from Houston, Texas to Cartagena, Colombia. We stuffed the van into a container in Texas at a warehouse and anxiously awaited its arrival at the port in Cartagena. It took us a day and a half to get the van out of the port in Cartagena. The second day was a bit maddening [...]

Honduras, security, and our experience…

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We wanted to write a little bit about Honduras and security as many travellers completely avoid the country or, if driving, cross from El Salvador to Honduras and then Honduras to Nicaragua in one day and only see a few hours of highways. Honduras is an amazing place with amazing people, some of the best food we’ve had on the trip, terrific [...]

Hasta la vista Mexico


Mexico has always felt very comfortable and homey for both of us, and that feeling has only increased after spending more than 7 months there. While we were eager and excited to hit the road and travel further south our farewell to Mexico was quite sad as well. In a way, it feels like now we are finally starting our trip as we’re into new [...]