With the walls and floors all in the van was starting to look like something but now we needed to build furniture. We really did not want to use wood to build our bed and cabinets due to weight and the risk of mold but we were not sure what to use. After several weeks of research and thought Josh decided to hell with it, he was going to learn how to weld aluminum and we would build our furniture out of aluminum (solving our weight and mold issues). Josh tracked down a 110V welder on Craigslist, practiced a bit on some steel (including retrofitting the “guaranteed fit” swivel passenger seat base that didn’t fit), bought a spoolgun and a cylinder of argon and started watching youtube videos on welding aluminum. A few days practice, a trip to the metal shop, then a week or two of learning on the job, and ta-da, we had a bed frame and a few weeks later we had cabinets. Josh also made two lock-boxes that are integrated into the shelving unit to keep our gear safe. OK. It took more than just a few weeks but Josh built all of our furniture out of aluminum. As the furniture came close to being done, and we started researching how to paint aluminum, it became clear that there is no good way to paint aluminum. A couple calls to local powdercoating companies for quotes made it look like it wouldn’t be too expensive at all to powdercoat, it would be worlds easier, and the results would be far superior. We sent all of our furniture off to be powder coated at San Diego Powder Coating (Thank you Amanda!) which took a couple weeks due to the Christmas holidays but it came back looking awesome and we were finally able to install it all one final time!


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