We used a standard bar sink from Home Depot, a standard faucet that we liked that was a good size, and a standard water filter faucet for our purified water. The stove we picked was a Force 10 Eno 2 Burner. They are about 2-3x the price of a standard Atwood or Dometic but have two really big advantages. The first is that they will quite happily run and produce an even flame up to 30 degrees off horizontal. The second is that they have retaining clips for the stainless grate that goes atop the burners. The grate in turns holds the flame dispersing caps on the burners in place, essentially meaning that the stove comes apart very well for complete cleaning but doesn’t rattle when bouncing down the road. Add in stainless construction (a must for us) and good recommendations from friends and we decided it was worth the extra $150 or so.

Finding a countertop that was lightweight was the hard part. We searched and searched but could not really find anything that we liked. Corian is just way too heavy and so are laminate countertops. We thought about getting a stainless countertop made with raised lips, kind of like a lab sink top, but finding a fabricator who would even give us a quote wasn’t going well, and we honestly weren’t psyched on a metal countertop. Finally we stumbled upon Granite Light, a small company based in Indiana that makes super lightweight countertops primarily for RVs. Normally they deal with larger companies but they were willing to make a small countertop cut to our specifications for us. The countertop arrived last week and it looks great. The construction is novel, it’s a 1/8″ skin of engineered stone laminated to a layer of dense styrofoam, with a thin layer of MDF backer laminated to that. The resulting countertop is very lightweight (ours weighed perhaps 3-4 lbs), is slightly flexible (excellent for a moving vehicle), and looks pretty good!


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