Pop-top and window install

  1. Pop-top and window install

The first thing we did to the van was have a two windows and a pop-top installed by Sportsmobile in northern California. While we are somewhat good with tools installing a pop-top by ourselves was out of our league. Overall we are pretty happy with the work they did but the pop top install left a couple of things to be desired. First, Sportsmobile did not varnish all the wood they put in, only a few pieces, after charging us a non trivial amount for this. As well, they did not install all stainless hardware as I had requested. I basically feel like their upcharge for this is a ripoff, to be honest, and their response to my complaint was pretty much just “Oh yeah, we varnished a few pieces and we never install stainless hardware so we just did what we normally do.” Not a good way to appease a customer. The over-center latches can be a bit problematic, and the window screen they use should be smaller to keep more bugs and no-see-ums out. We’re still happy with it, but there are a few bone-headed shortcuts they take in the install and a few choices they make (like shearing off bolts instead of cutting them), and some materials choices, that could easily be remedied to make the end product so much better. Live and learn.

The Pop-top installed by Sportsmobile

The Pop-top installed by Sportsmobile


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