Bare-crowned Antbird

More Darién province birding adventures


22-24 July 2014 If you cannot make it to Darién National Park there are still plenty of great places to add some amazing birds to your list. The Canopy Tower family recently opened Camp Darién situated a 20 km south of Metití where you can stay in luxurious tent cabins and visit some great birding destinations with their guides (though not for [...]

Arenal, Costa Rica


12-15 April 2014 For many known birding destinations in Costa Rica, we don’t have great earth-shattering news to share. The destinations are well documented (in Barrett Lawson’s excellent Costa Rican birdfinding guide as well as online) and the expected species are well documented. That said, we can still share our experiences, tag on a few [...]

Filo del Tallo, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Yaviza, El Salto

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16 July 2012  – Filo del Tallo, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Yaviza, El Salto In the morning we hiked in Filo del Tallo from the Puerto Quimba Rd entrance. It was a bit slow but very pretty, and we found some good birds including Black Antshrike, Pale-bellied Hermit, Pied Puffbird, Black-headed Tody-flycatcher, Wedge-billed Woodcreeper, [...]