Bicolored Antpitta

Birding Putumayo – Colombia’s birding frontier


16 – 21 September 2015.  We really ran short of time in southern Colombia, unfortunately. We had hoped to visit PNN Cueva de los Guacharos, the Mocoa area, the Sibundoy area, and the Junin area (RNA Pangan and Rio Ñambi) but we only had a few days left on our Colombian visas so we decided to check out the Mocoa and Sibundoy areas as there [...]

Colombia’s Central Andes – Rio Blanco, Paramo del Ruiz, Termales del Ruiz, Termales de San Vicente, Otun Quimbaya, and Cañon de Combeima


August 2015. While the Chocó and the Western Andes host a wealth of exotic endemics, the area surrounding Los Nevados National Park (near the towns of Manizales and Pereira) cannot be underestimated. Diversity is through the roof here, the sites are very easy to access and comfortable, the birding is excellent, and there are hot springs all over [...]