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Pelagic birding by panga off the cape of BCS


13 July 2013 After fussing around and finding many more eager salesmen types than willing panga captains in Cabo San Lucas, we got a recommendation to look for a panga in Palmilla (just W of San José del Cabo) or at La Playita (just E of San José del Cabo). We found a good panguero (panga driver basically) in Palmilla and went out this morning. [...]

Sierra de la Laguna from La Burrera


10 & 11 July 2013 We have a summary of the Sierra de la Laguna in a previous post here. After doing a little internet research and asking around for current directions to La Burrera and how to find the trail up to the namesake meadow in the Sierra de la Laguna, we drove up to the trailhead, had an early dinner and woke up at 4:30 to start [...]

Todos Santos

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9 July 2013 Todos Santos is a cute little town, a bit of an artist enclave with many galleries, and a bit of a surf town with plenty of surfers around. It’s definitely a touristy place but in July it was still pretty sleepy. We spent a day there to get prepared for a hike up to the Sierra de la Laguna, so we took the opportunity to bird the [...]

Estero San José, San José del Cabo


6 and 7 July 2013 We arrived in the late afternoon in San José del Cabo and headed straight for the estero (estuary).  The estero is widely recognized as a great birding site and it surely did not disappoint.  On our walk along the estero we were surprised to find at least 5 White-colored Seedeaters, which were not described in Howell and [...]

Cabo Pulmo and Playa los Arbolitos


5 & 6 July 2013 Cabo Pulmo is a marine reserve protecting the only coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. A few kilometers south of the Cabo Pulmo Dive Resort and the small town surrounding it is a great little beach called Playa los Arbolitos. They have restrooms and a shower, the best snorkeling available in the area without a boat, and great [...]