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Birding Bogotá and surrounds –

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Laguna de Fuquene, BioAndina, Manadulce, Laguna Pedropalo, Monterredondo, Chingaza National Park, Guasca Gravel Pits, and Acuamonte. June 2015. For the life of us we could not make a common sense plan to visit the sites around Bogotá without having to spend too much time driving in and out of the city. Nor could we make up our minds on where we [...]

Onzaga Road and Reserva Biológica Cachalú

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19 – 20 May 2015 and 27 – 28 May 2015. Though most birders associate northern and/or north-eastern Colombia with the endemic birds of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Guajira Peninsula, and perhaps the Perijá Mountains, there are a couple of really cool, highly endangered, highly localized endemic species in the northern extents [...]

Cocuy National Park


22 – 24 May 2015. Cocuy National Park, in a word, is amazing! Paramo, glaciers, lakes, and breathtaking views are enough for anyone to want to visit. However, getting to Cocuy National Park takes some time; it’s an 11-14 hour bus ride from Bogota. But trust me, the journey is worth every hour. We were a bit unsure about heading to the park [...]

A tour of the ProAves Reserves in Colombia’s Eastern Andes – Recurve-billed Bushbird Reserve, Cerulean Warbler Reserve, and Northern Helmeted Curassow Reserve


7-14 May 2015. Most people visit these reserves on guided trips, but it is possible to visit the reserves on your own, whether it be by car, bus, or moto taxi. However, one thing that you quickly learn about driving around Colombia is that it can take forever to get anywhere. Generally speaking, the roads are in great condition compared to some [...]

RNA Chamicero del Perijá


April 26 – May 3, 2015 The Serranía del Perijá straddles the border of Colombia and Venezuela well north of the main eastern Cordillera of the Andes. The Perijá range is separated from the main Andes chain by the Catatumbo lowlands, a broad, hot, and dry valley. This separation has led to a high degree of endemism; a number of species are [...]