Birding Veracruz

Los Tuxtlas and the Tuxtla Quail-Dove chase


2 – 3 September 2013  After the Bearded Wood-Partridge chase we were headed for yet another chase of a secretive endemic bird of montane forests. We arrived in Ruiz Cortines late in the afternoon, not really knowing what to expect and we needed to find a place to camp for the night. We stopped at the first little store on the way into town and [...]

The hunt for the Chivizcoyo


By Josh 29-31 August 2013 The Bearded Wood-Partridge, locally known as the Chivizcoyo in the areas of Hidalgo, Querétaro and Veracruz where it can be found, is one of the hardest birds in Mexico to find and see.  Seen by few and little known, the Bearded Wood-Partridge was found near Coatepec in 1993 (Garza and Rodriguez, 1994). After this site [...]

Why you shouldn’t cut down all the trees aka cloud forests and mudslides


25-27 August 2013 Remarkably, now a good 23 years since Steve Howell visited Tlanchinol for his book, “A Bird-Finding Guide to Mexico,” great cloud forest still stands in a good tract near this small mountain town in Hidalgo. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t check the weather forecast and headed up there just ahead of Tropical Storm Fernand. [...]