Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant

Pipeline Road


1 and 3 August 2014 No trip to Panamá is complete without a visit to Pipeline Road. Pipeline Road is one of the most famous birding destinations in Panamá and perhaps even in Middle America. Located in Soberanía National Park, this dirt road offers some seriously excellent birding along a 17 km stretch that passes through mature tropical forest [...]

More Caribbean lowlands – Biological Field Station El Zota, Costa Rica


19 – 20 May 2014 While we certainly visited some of the best-known birding locations in Costa Rica, we also went off the beaten track many times. Biological Field Station El Zota is not really too far off the beaten track, but it is not terribly well-known (although it should be!). Located near Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, not far from [...]

Laguna del Lagarto

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4 – 6 May 2014 Our not so well planned tour of Costa Rica brought us back to the northern border of Costa Rica near Nicaragua, to the lowland rainforests around Laguna del Lagarto Lodge. Laguna del Lagarto Lodge protects 1250 acres of rainforest that are at the fringes of forest fingers that back up against the Rio San Juan (the border with [...]