Black-crowned Antpitta

At the end of the road and into the jungle


13 – 22 July 2014 The Pan-American Highway starts to deteriorate in the town of Aguafría as you cross from Eastern Panamá Province into Darién Province. From the provincial border east you dodge pot holes, speed bumps and sleeping dogs for another hour or two. These are not just any ordinary pot holes though; some of them consume half the [...]

The Caribbean Coast – Manzanillo and Hitoy Cerere 


May 13-18, 2014 After a lot of rain, no showers, and a lot of early mornings, we were long overdue for some beach time, relaxation, and unfortunately some waterproofing work on the truck. We headed for Cahuita, south of Limon, and a fantastic little waterfront campground with cabins called Camping Maria (just north of Cahuita in Playa Negra, [...]

La Mesa, Cerro Gaital


1 July 2012 – La Mesa, Cerro Gaital For our penultimate day in El Valle, we had a treat. First, we revisited the waterfall area and were treated to a solid half an hour of viewing a Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo in early dawn light, even getting some decent pictures considering the very low light. Next, we chose to invest some time chasing the [...]