Black Hawk-eagle

Crooked Tree and eastern Belize


14 – 19 February 2014 We missed Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary on the drive south through Belize because the road was temporarily part of the wetlands. The village of Crooked Tree and the causeway that connects it to the highway had been extensively flooded since November, following the very late and very wet rainy season. The village was cut [...]

Return to the Lacantún


10 –17 December 2013                                                  We could not resist another trip down to the Chiapas lowlands before we headed on towards the Yucatan. We also needed to get new tourist visas and a new vehicle import permit since we have already been in Mexico for nearly 180 days (the length of a [...]

The Pacific slope of El Triunfo – Tres de Mayo, Paval, and Limonar


3-5 Dec 2013 Having spent an amazing week in the higher areas of El Triunfo, we were also keen to visit some of the lower areas on the Pacific slope. Fortunately, this is readily done from the town of Mapastepec, giving easy access to tropical deciduous forest where great birds such as Tody Motmot, Long-tailed Manakin, White-eared Ground-Sparrow, [...]

El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo


17 July 2012  – El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo In the morning we briefly returned to the El Salto as I had missed the Bare-crowned Antbird and it paid off as we saw it again handily. We added Crane Hawk and King Vulture before leaving El Salto. El Salto is a really nice spot. We tried again for the Golden-green Woodpecker at [...]

La Mesa and Cara Iguana


27 June 2012  – La Mesa and Cara Iguana La Mesa, above El Valle, was a gorgeous morning and perhaps our favorite destination in the immediate El Valle area. We had our first Silver-throated Tanagers which, while not rare, were still one of the most beautiful birds of the trip and, among Tanagers, second only to the Speckled Tanager for us. We [...]