Black Tern

Los Tuxtlas and the Tuxtla Quail-Dove chase


2 – 3 September 2013  After the Bearded Wood-Partridge chase we were headed for yet another chase of a secretive endemic bird of montane forests. We arrived in Ruiz Cortines late in the afternoon, not really knowing what to expect and we needed to find a place to camp for the night. We stopped at the first little store on the way into town and [...]

Why you shouldn’t cut down all the trees aka cloud forests and mudslides


25-27 August 2013 Remarkably, now a good 23 years since Steve Howell visited Tlanchinol for his book, “A Bird-Finding Guide to Mexico,” great cloud forest still stands in a good tract near this small mountain town in Hidalgo. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t check the weather forecast and headed up there just ahead of Tropical Storm Fernand. [...]