Cerro Azul

Cerro Jefe and Cerro Azul


27 – 29 July 2014 After we recovered from our adventures in the Darién we headed up to Cerro Jefe and Cerro Azul outside of Panamá City to try our luck with a few more hard to find birds, namely the Tacarcuna Chlorospingus and the Spiny-faced Antshrike (aka Speckled Antshrike or just Xenornis). We had the great fortune to meet Bill Adsett, a [...]

Cerro Azul


24 June 2012 – Cerro Azul Ultimately this would be one of the best days of the trip and despite a light rain at the start we saw several of our best and rarest birds of the entire month here. We started things off with a bang in the form of a Fasciated Tiger-Heron, a bird Alex hadn’t seen in 3 years! The Cerro Jefe trail started a bit slow but [...]