Cocoi Heron

At the end of the road and into the jungle


13 – 22 July 2014 The Pan-American Highway starts to deteriorate in the town of Aguafría as you cross from Eastern Panamá Province into Darién Province. From the provincial border east you dodge pot holes, speed bumps and sleeping dogs for another hour or two. These are not just any ordinary pot holes though; some of them consume half the [...]

El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo


17 July 2012  – El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo In the morning we briefly returned to the El Salto as I had missed the Bare-crowned Antbird and it paid off as we saw it again handily. We added Crane Hawk and King Vulture before leaving El Salto. El Salto is a really nice spot. We tried again for the Golden-green Woodpecker at [...]