Collared Aracari

Los Tuxtlas and the Tuxtla Quail-Dove chase


2 – 3 September 2013  After the Bearded Wood-Partridge chase we were headed for yet another chase of a secretive endemic bird of montane forests. We arrived in Ruiz Cortines late in the afternoon, not really knowing what to expect and we needed to find a place to camp for the night. We stopped at the first little store on the way into town and [...]

Semaphore Hill Rd and Ammo Dump Ponds


20 June 2012 – Semaphore Hill Rd, Ammo Dump Ponds Our first morning at the Tower was as authentic as they come with Howler Monkeys’ deafening roar for an alarm clock. Watching the sun rise from the observation deck is a wonderful way to start the day, and is something I would do every day if I could! Exciting new birds of the morning included [...]