Crested Guan

RNA Titi Cabeciblanco, Cottontop Tamarin Reserve

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14-22 July 2015. We have had the great fortune to volunteer for ProAves at a couple of their newest reserves, conducting bird surveys and searching for rare and key species. First we spent eight fantastic days in the Perijá Mountains, in the amazing new Reserva Chamicero del Perijá (Perija Thistletail Reserve). Most recently we spent a bit over [...]

Southern Belize and the hunt for the Keel-billed Motmot


Mayflower Bocawina, Cockscomb Basin, and Hopkins Village 7- 13 Feb 2014 As most of the birds of Belize can also be found in Mexico, and having seen most of the birds in Mexico, there were not many new species that we needed to seek out, but we were still keen to bird some of the large rainforest reserves of southern Belize. We tried to access [...]

An accidental journey to El Remate and Isla Arena


23-24 December 2013 We had planned to visit the city of Campeche, a world heritage site on the distinctly less touristy west coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, but our plans were foiled. Our camping Mexico book showed three RV parks around Campeche, but the first one we stopped at (Club Nautica RV Park) was a bit too expensive for an RV Park so we [...]