Giant Wren

The Pacific slope of El Triunfo – Tres de Mayo, Paval, and Limonar


3-5 Dec 2013 Having spent an amazing week in the higher areas of El Triunfo, we were also keen to visit some of the lower areas on the Pacific slope. Fortunately, this is readily done from the town of Mapastepec, giving easy access to tropical deciduous forest where great birds such as Tody Motmot, Long-tailed Manakin, White-eared Ground-Sparrow, [...]

Eastern Oaxaca and Coastal Chiapas

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21 September – 26 September 2013 Due to the tropical storms that dumped tons of rain in Oaxaca we had to take the long way around, heading to Tehuantepec before heading back down along the coast to get up into the Sierra Madre del Sur to try for a few of Oaxaca’s harder endemics. We headed up Hwy 175 from Puerto Angel and encountered hundreds [...]