Highland Tinamou

RNA Chamicero del Perijá


April 26 – May 3, 2015 The Serranía del Perijá straddles the border of Colombia and Venezuela well north of the main eastern Cordillera of the Andes. The Perijá range is separated from the main Andes chain by the Catatumbo lowlands, a broad, hot, and dry valley. This separation has led to a high degree of endemism; a number of species are [...]

Birding the Monteverde area, Costa Rica


18-22 April 2014 The Monteverde area is one of the most famous birding destinations in Costa Rica, famously home to the Resplendent Quetzal as well as less sexy birds such as Highland Tinamou, Chiriqui Quail-Dove, Black-breasted Wood-Quail, Gray-throated Leaftosser, and more. With a list like this, several great reserves to bird, and a comfy town [...]