Mountain Elaenia

Cuchillo de San Lorenzo, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


10-16 April 2015 The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a world famous birding destination, and for very good reason. We first learned of this place long ago, and during our initial trip planning, long before we knew much about anything in South America, the mythical Santa Marta held sway over us and the mention of the El Dorado Lodge seemed so far [...]

Finca Lerida


4 July 2012 – Finca Lerida Finca Lerida, sitting above Boquete and close to good habitat and the Los Quetzales trail, is beautiful if oddly formal with its manicured gardens and colonially grandiosity. We nearly felt out of place in our increasingly bedraggled ward-robe, but it was a great place to base ourselves and held a really good number of [...]