Northern Schiffornis

Birding the Lacandona – Palenque, Yaxchilan, Bonampak and more!


21 October – 28 October 2013 We spent a great weekend with a large group of friends who were in San Cristobal for the XII Congreso para el Estudio y Conservacion de las Aves en Mexico (CECAM). Participants at the CECAM conference shared current research and discussed avian conservation in Mexico. Unfortunately our Spanish classes prevented our [...]

Altos del Maria


30 June 2012  – Altos del Maria Another terrific day and, despite a lot of fog and drizzle and couple bits of heavy rain, quite birdy and very fun. We had our firsts of many birds that would be common in Chiriqui, but some highlights were definitely Blue-throated Toucanet, Black-and-Yellow Tanager, Red-faced Spinetail, Northern Schiffornis, [...]