Orange-bellied Trogon

Birding the Monteverde area, Costa Rica


18-22 April 2014 The Monteverde area is one of the most famous birding destinations in Costa Rica, famously home to the Resplendent Quetzal as well as less sexy birds such as Highland Tinamou, Chiriqui Quail-Dove, Black-breasted Wood-Quail, Gray-throated Leaftosser, and more. With a list like this, several great reserves to bird, and a comfy town [...]

La Mesa and Cara Iguana


27 June 2012  – La Mesa and Cara Iguana La Mesa, above El Valle, was a gorgeous morning and perhaps our favorite destination in the immediate El Valle area. We had our first Silver-throated Tanagers which, while not rare, were still one of the most beautiful birds of the trip and, among Tanagers, second only to the Speckled Tanager for us. We [...]