Pale-breasted Spinetail

Cuchillo de San Lorenzo, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


10-16 April 2015 The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a world famous birding destination, and for very good reason. We first learned of this place long ago, and during our initial trip planning, long before we knew much about anything in South America, the mythical Santa Marta held sway over us and the mention of the El Dorado Lodge seemed so far [...]

The Final Costa Rica Post – La Gamba area, the Osa, and more


La Gamba, Parque Nacional Piedras Blancas, Rincon de la Osa, and Los Cusingos 14 – 16 June 2014 The Osa Peninsula and the nearby Parque Nacional Piedras Blancas are one of the great birding destinations of Costa Rica. While lacking the huge suite of Caribbean slope specialties, there are some very range restricted endemics here, the best lowland [...]

Juan Hombron and Santa Clara


28 June 2012 – Juan Hombron and Santa Clara While there was a bit of driving and birding from the car involved on this day, it accessed totally new habitat on the dry Pacific lowlands and we saw a spate of new birds, many that we would see only once. While the highlight was certainly an Aplomado Falcon that we observed as it stole a small mammal [...]