Panamá Recap 2012


Panamá 2012 Birding Trip, 19 June –  18 July 2012 in Soberanía, El Valle, Chiriquí, Darién This trip was spectacular. We birded seriously about 24 of the 30 days and had a couple of days relaxing at the beach and a couple of travel days. We had very little rain and had no days that were truly spoiled by weather. All told, we saw 446 species [...]

El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo


17 July 2012  – El Salto, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Aruza Abajo In the morning we briefly returned to the El Salto as I had missed the Bare-crowned Antbird and it paid off as we saw it again handily. We added Crane Hawk and King Vulture before leaving El Salto. El Salto is a really nice spot. We tried again for the Golden-green Woodpecker at [...]

Filo del Tallo, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Yaviza, El Salto

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16 July 2012  – Filo del Tallo, Fundacion Tierra Nueva, Yaviza, El Salto In the morning we hiked in Filo del Tallo from the Puerto Quimba Rd entrance. It was a bit slow but very pretty, and we found some good birds including Black Antshrike, Pale-bellied Hermit, Pied Puffbird, Black-headed Tody-flycatcher, Wedge-billed Woodcreeper, [...]

Metetí and Canopy Camp Darién


15 June 2012  – Metetí and Canopy Camp Darién Returning from Patiño we had Ancon drop us at Hotel Felicidad in Metetí, where we stayed for the next couple of nights. Not deluxe but it was clean and we slept well and it set us back all of $14 / night. Killing a few minutes behind the hotel we found Olivaceous Piculet and Streak-headed [...]

Punta Patiño, Darién


12-15 July 2012  – Into the Darién and Punta Patiño The first half of our week in the Darién involved going to Punta Patiño and Mogue with Ancon Expeditions in order to try to see a Harpy Eagle and a Crested Eagle. The trip was, in ways, amazing but also, in many ways, disappointing. The Gulf of San Miguel is amazing and the hours we spent [...]