Plumbeous Hawk

Birding the Ecuadorian Chocó


16-25 November 2015. For about the third time, the van seemed to be mostly repaired and in good shape, so we headed back out on the road to visit the Chocó region of Ecuador, this time with no serious misadventures, at least yet! Fingers are well crossed here. The Chocó biogeographical region extends from the Darién in Panamá along the pacific [...]

RNA Titi Cabeciblanco, Cottontop Tamarin Reserve

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14-22 July 2015. We have had the great fortune to volunteer for ProAves at a couple of their newest reserves, conducting bird surveys and searching for rare and key species. First we spent eight fantastic days in the Perijá Mountains, in the amazing new Reserva Chamicero del Perijá (Perija Thistletail Reserve). Most recently we spent a bit over [...]