Red-crowned Ant-tanager

Cerro Musun and the Wing-banded Antbird


1 April 2014 This is the day we dubbed the wing-banded goose chase. The name was coined long before the day was over and long before we’d found the bird we were looking for, but before we’d gotten too tired and defeated to joke about it. The Wing-banded Antbird has a disparate distribution, being known from a few locales in Nicaragua, a few in [...]

Reserva El Jaguar – Nicaragua


28 – 30 March 2014 The border crossing into Nicaragua at Los Manos was a bit hectic, but we made it through the border in just under 2 hours and made it to Estelí before dark. We decided to stay at a hostel that night so we could use the internet to make plans for the rest of our time in Nicaragua. We stayed at a popular backpackers hostel [...]

Metro Park and Old Gamboa Road


23 June 2012 – Metro Park and Old Gamboa Rd The MetroPark held a lot of good birds, even if not as idyllic as locations like Pipeline Rd and Plantation Rd, due to its metropolitan setting. Still, though, we had a good bevy of new birds and an impressive total, including Golden-collared Manakin, a terrific mixed species flock with numerous [...]