San Blas Jay

Rancho Primavera, Jalisco, Mexico

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3 – 5 August 2013 We were fortunate to spend a couple of days birding at Rancho Primavera outside of El Tuito, Nayarit, Mexico.    As soon as we drove into Rancho Primavera we were greeted by a Military Macaw and a Lilac-crowned Parrot.   After we got settled, we headed out for an evening walk and found six Common Pauraque foraging in the [...]

San Francisco (AKA San Pancho), Nayarit, Mexico

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Josh and I had the great pleasure of meeting and staying with Luis Morales and his beautiful family in San Pancho in southern Nayarit.  Luis is the director and founder of San Pancho Bird Observatory.  Luis is one of the most passionate people I have met.  His enthusiasm and dedication to avian conservation are commendable. Luis works endless [...]