Speckled Tanager

Cerro Jefe and Cerro Azul


27 – 29 July 2014 After we recovered from our adventures in the Darién we headed up to Cerro Jefe and Cerro Azul outside of Panamá City to try our luck with a few more hard to find birds, namely the Tacarcuna Chlorospingus and the Spiny-faced Antshrike (aka Speckled Antshrike or just Xenornis). We had the great fortune to meet Bill Adsett, a [...]

At the end of the road and into the jungle


13 – 22 July 2014 The Pan-American Highway starts to deteriorate in the town of Aguafría as you cross from Eastern Panamá Province into Darién Province. From the provincial border east you dodge pot holes, speed bumps and sleeping dogs for another hour or two. These are not just any ordinary pot holes though; some of them consume half the [...]

Cerro Azul


24 June 2012 – Cerro Azul Ultimately this would be one of the best days of the trip and despite a light rain at the start we saw several of our best and rarest birds of the entire month here. We started things off with a bang in the form of a Fasciated Tiger-Heron, a bird Alex hadn’t seen in 3 years! The Cerro Jefe trail started a bit slow but [...]