Upgrade fuel capacity

The van came with a roughly 28 gallon tank which is fine, but left us with a useable range of about 400 miles. We wanted to have a greater range when we are out in the middle of nowhere and we did not want to carry a bunch Jerry cans of diesel on the back of the van. As well, our stock tank was not in the greatest shape, it looked like it was delaminating a bit inside and may have had an incipient leak, probably caused by a rock or some road shrapnel wedging between a tank strap and the tank. Luckily we are just a couple hours drive from Aero Tanks. They replaced our main tank with a new approximately 40 gallon tank. We also had them add an auxiliary fuel tank in the rear of the van where the spare tire used to live. With both gas tanks we can carry a bit over 70 gallons of fuel, giving us a useful range in the 1000-1100 miles range, perhaps 1200 if we push it. This will help tremendously with things like “Hwy” 319, the near 600 mile dirt track from Matto Grosso to Manaus, Brazil, and the remote dirt tracks in the NE Brazilian Amazon.


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