Walls and floors

Walls and floors

After we finished insulating every nook and cranny of the van we needed to put up walls in the van. Most people use some sort of wood but from our experience in the tropics wood molds and is heavy. We opted to use a product called Komatex which is a pressed closed cell foam pvc board that can be used just as plywood is used. Komatex is light-weight and it will not mold. We used 1/8 inch thick panels for the walls and covered the Komatex with automotive vinyl instead of painting the Komatex. Before putting up the Komatex we used automotive carpet to trim the space between the walls and the floor of the van. As you can imagine a van is anything but straight so the carpet helped absorb some inconstancies and gave the van a nice finished look. We also put carpet over the wheel wells using spray glue of course. With all the vinyl molded trim pieces in a vehicle, and all the vinyl foam, mass loaded vinyl, PVC (again vinyl) walls, and automotive vinyl fabric, we used a LOT of 3M 80 Spray Glue. This is their spray glue, readily available at Home Depot, that is formulated for vinyl and has good high temperature resilience. In really tricky spots, Gorilla Glue can be helpful.

Next up was the floor. We put in a bamboo print vinyl floor from Gerflor. We spent several days agonizing over flooring and finally decided to go with Gerflor because no adhesives were required and it was thicker and sturdier than other vinyl floors we looked at. So far it looks great. We also installed a custom molded replacement piece of automotive carpet for the front of the van which we purchased from a company online.


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