Crooked Tree and eastern Belize


14 – 19 February 2014 We missed Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary on the drive south through Belize because the road was temporarily part of the wetlands. The village of Crooked Tree and the causeway that connects it to the highway had been extensively flooded since November, following the very late and very wet rainy season. The village was cut [...]

Southern Belize and the hunt for the Keel-billed Motmot


Mayflower Bocawina, Cockscomb Basin, and Hopkins Village 7- 13 Feb 2014 As most of the birds of Belize can also be found in Mexico, and having seen most of the birds in Mexico, there were not many new species that we needed to seek out, but we were still keen to bird some of the large rainforest reserves of southern Belize. We tried to access [...]

Sarteneja, Belize


4-7 Feb 2014 Sarteneja and the Shipstern Nature Reserve lie on the edge of a huge estuary system in northern Belize. The flora and fauna are very similar to the Vigia Chico Road area of the Yucatan, though the forest is a bit taller and a touch less scrubby in parts. Getting to Sarteneja is pretty straightforward though it involves about 2-3 hours [...]