Mashpi Amagusa Rerserve and Mashpi Artisanal Chocolate Farm

November 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

1-3 November 2015. After Bellavista, we headed to the Mashpi/Guayabillas/Las Delicias area. The name Masphi applies to two different locations that are reasonably close on a map but are not connected directly by road. What is known among birders as the “Mashpi road” is actually the Las Delicias–Guayabillas Road, where the birding area [...]

Birding Northern Ecuador

November 7, 2015 // 2 Comments

September – October 2015. Birding in Colombia was so intense and amazing that when we arrived in Ecuador we were spent and needed some down time. We also arrived woefully unprepared and needed time to simply look at a map and a field guide! We had little more than a few names of sites in mind, and no real plan for where we wanted to go [...]

Best of Colombia

November 6, 2015 // 3 Comments

Adios Colombia! We used every day of the 180 days Colombia allows on a tourist visa and we would have happily stayed another month, or perhaps the rest of our lives, in this marvelous country. We sadly left huge parts of the country unvisited – we only made it to one Amazonian destination, we completely missed the Llanos, we barely birded Cauca [...]

Birding Putumayo – Colombia’s birding frontier

October 17, 2015 // 1 Comment

16 – 21 September 2015.  We really ran short of time in southern Colombia, unfortunately. We had hoped to visit PNN Cueva de los Guacharos, the Mocoa area, the Sibundoy area, and the Junin area (RNA Pangan and Rio Ñambi) but we only had a few days left on our Colombian visas so we decided to check out the Mocoa and Sibundoy areas as there [...]
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