Birding Mobile

After spending 14 months on the road in a Toyota Tacoma we decided we needed an upgrade if we were going to continue through South America. Especially after spending more nights than we would like to remember cooking on the tailgate in the rain with hundreds of mosquitoes who were also trying to get some dinner. Choosing a new vehicle after we finished birding in Central America seemed like a logical idea since we would have to ship a vehicle to Colombia no matter what we did. So we decided to head back home and prepare a new and improved birding mobile and ship our new vehicle to Colombia to start part two of our expedition in South America.

We purchased a 1996 4×4 Ford e350 7.3 l diesel van and have spent the last 7 months turning a bare metal box into a deluxe camper van. For those of you interested in build details click on the links below for more detailed information (we are behind on filling in detailed info but if you have questions send us a note). For the rest of you here’s a photo album of the van from start to finish.



2 Comments on Birding Mobile

  1. Janet Gawthrop // January 12, 2015 at 5:39 pm //

    Wow, what a tremendous project for the interior! Hope you get a responsible shipper and that you and this van arrive safely in Cartagena.


  2. Letty Harrison // December 3, 2015 at 9:59 pm //

    Hey Josh, Letty here from Rhys Vineyards. So impressed with your birding mobile, and what a fun adventure. Head about Birds of Passage from Jeff so decided to check it out. Glad to see you’re doing what you love.



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